Wycombe Interfaith Study Group

Tuesday the 20th of September was the auspice day of the First Wycombe Interfaith Study Group.


The gathering was held at the Imam Ali Centre in High Wycombe and was chaired by Musharaf Husseini. Sheikh Husseini opened the evening with a short speech on the important position of the individual, and that there is no compulsion for anyone to believe anything. The desire for the truth and objective, academic discussions are the means to reach it. 

Mixed audience with one goal – better understanding. 

The purpose of the evening was to learn about the different faiths and try to see what common ground we have. It was also a networking event to bring the communities closer and remove and barriers that preconceptions can form.

A few snacks to enjoy whilst listening.


If you would like to come to the next gathering please use the contact form to add your details so we can inform you of the time and venue.



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