Muharram 2016

Muharram 2016 is here. Join us to reflect on the lessons of the past.


The special dua’s of the tenth of Muharram, known as Ashoura( literally “tenth”), in Arabic will commence at 11 am Wednesday the 12 of October In sha Allah. 


The Sheikh summarises(Urdu) the events of day and their significance.



Muharram is the first month of the Islamic calendar, it is also the month where the Grandson of the Prophet SAW was brutally killed when he stood up to the oppressor of his time. His name was Hussein Ibn Ali (AS), he was the religious leader of the Muslims and opposed the political leadership of the tyrant Yazeed Ibn Muawiya. The area where this battle took place is in Kerbala, modern day Iraq. 


There are many lessons to be learned from these actions, each year we reflect on the events surrounding the death of Hussein Ibn Ali (AS) and try and implement them in our lives today. 


A packed evening and a chance for the faithful to share what they have learned from the evening.



What have you learned from this Muharram? Please share your thoughts using the comments box below.


lesson from Kerbala
A lesson from Imam Hussein AS

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