Learn about Islam in High Wycombe

There are many misconceptions about Islam, this article will try help people know the facts from the myths. Essentially Islam is a continuation of the Arabrahmic faith, which started with Adam (AS) and the many Prophets, including those from the Jews and Christian periods. The underlying message being that there is one God, you must not associate others with God (polytheism) and that you should be mindful of your deeds, as you will one day be judged on them.

People who follow the religion of Islam are called Muslims, the fundamental beliefs of Islam are as follows:


  1. Belief in one God – The most fundamental aspect of all beliefs revolves around the total acceptance of the Absolute and Perfect Creator. Belief in the Originator of all causes and effects with no effect on Him and that He is One, Everliving, Beneficent and Merciful. He has neither a colleague nor a partner.
  2. Divine Justice – Belief that God is Just. He will reward or punish any person according to his deeds and thus the notion of predestination (where all decisions are God’s and not any one else’s) in one’s deeds does not exist. It is absolutely forbidden in Islam to believe that the Almighty, Merciful Allah planned our destiny and that the good and the bad are just His Will and there is no choice for us between them.
  3. Divine Guidance – Belief that there are individuals who are chosen by God to help mankind improve themselves.
  4. Day of Judgement – That all deeds will be judged on the day of judgement so that every single injustice will be righted and those that worked for good will be rewards and those that have worked for evil will be punished.


This is merely a summary of beliefs. If you wish to learn more, feel free to either use the comments box below, or use the form on our Contact Us page.

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