Interfaith Meeting : The Creation of Adam

On Tuesday the 25 of October at the Imam Ali Centre of High Wycombe the Interfaith gathering discussed the Creation of Adam (May God bless Him) from both a Muslim and Christian perspective.


Firstly the relevant parts of textual scriptures were read aloud so we could all focus on the direct message of the religions. We all agreed that often we hear to much of other peoples opinions, and not enough of the direct texts that we believe are from God.img_20161025_214729

What was immediately apparent is that the narrative from both the Bible and Quran regarding Adam’s creation and role were very similar. There was a pleasant feeling of brotherhood as this conclusion filtered around the room. 







The gathering ended with Tea and biscuits and an opportunity to chat with each other. The prayer at the end 

2 thoughts on “Interfaith Meeting : The Creation of Adam

  1. Why do you hate Abu bakr and Umar and uthaman when they were not alive when ali came to power nor did they kill his children.
    If the Shia believe in the quraan why do shia have 1200 hadeeth saying the quraan is tabdeel changed distorted

    1. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

      For the issue of Successor to the Prophet SAW, it is our position that the Prophet SAW appointed Ali Ibn Abu Talib as his successor.

      As for the Quran, we have widespread hadith on its completeness and perfection. Your welcome to browse through the Quran on our website Here

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