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Ever wanted to ask a question about Islam but not had the chance? Too embarrassed or even afraid? Worry no longer, use the form at the bottom of this page and your question will be placed on the page with the answer. Just to clarify, this is not meant to be a “ask the Scholar” service, for religious or practical matters you should refer to your appointed scholar (the one who is the most knowledgeable). Only questions that are obviously rude or insulting will be ignored. You can ask anonymously if you want.  



Questions Asked so far


Anon : What are your view on abrogation in Holy Quran?

Answer : Abrogation means the process of replacing something. It is our belief that this process is part of all revelation. including the Quran. Generally speaking, there will be an underlying principle to a topic, which is true in both the abrogated (old version) and abrogating(new version) verse, but the new “version” is a better expression, or application of the underlying principle. The Quran itself, the authentic hadith, the classic and modern scholars share this view.


Anon: Is the Quran distorted?

Answer : It is our belief that the Quran in our possession today is complete. It has reached us in a reliable, mutawatir (widespread) manner.